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after i read this article, i immediately fell in creepy amounts of love with negative underwear. like, i followed all of their social media accounts and click onto their website daily to stare at the beautiful undergarments. creepy.

founded by lauren schwab and marissa voper, neither woman had design experience and yet they were able to create a brand with impeccable style after much competitive and consumer research. the founders’ ultimate goal is to create a bra-and-panty set at an under-$100 cost (bras range from $65-$85, thongs $28-$30, and briefs $35-$40). though bra sizes are currently limited to 32a-36d, they hope to expand the range.

Black + white
Midi skirt + stripped top
Bon George 
Midi skirt + moto jacket

Midi skirt + moto jacket

Great outfit
Black + White
Sweater + long skirt
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